The lineage of Schulz has a long tradition. The demonstrable tribe of Schulz starts with Ludwig Schulz who was born 1818 or 1821 (different documentations with regard to weddings) in Glucha, 3km from Skurz (church books).

Glucha and Skurz had been part of the church of Stargard in Prussia. The church books of the evangelic church of St. Katharina still exist, but despite of intensive research the birth of Ludwig Schulz was not found.

During the birth of Ludwig Schulz the campaign of Napoleon was already over. 1815 West-Prussia became Prussia again and things normalized. Because of this situation, a birth which is not part of the documentation is improbable. Different information exists with regard to religion.

After research in the Evangelic Central Archives of Berlin, the following information exists:

The registration of birth does not exist, but there is still a probability that the birth of Ludwig Schulz was not registered. A research in the catholic church books of Skurz was not successfull. It is also possible that Ludwig Schulz was born in a different region of West-Prussia. The region of Schwetz is a possibility due to some information in this direction.

Anyway there seams to be an obstacle and may be one day coincidence helps.

During the search of the catholic church books in the Central Archive of Berlin (Evangelisches Zentralarchiv) I found the following information with my cousin Käthe Schulz in 1995 which might help one day.


Michael Schulz / Dorothea Lemke (24/24 years) - November 24, 1789 No. 9/8

Johann Schulz (Dlugolesch, Schwetz) / Eleonore Didreit - Juli 28, 1811 No. 11/4

Wilhelm SchuIz (Schwetz) / Amalie Caroline Klatt (Daughter of Christian Klatt zu Bordzichow, Preußen Stargard), September 10, 1812 No. 6

Johann Schulz (Reinholdstal/hof)/ ………Krieger - Oktober 16, 1814 No. 25

Johann Schulz / Anna Schmude (Daughter of Andreas Schmude, Dombrowke) - September 13, 1818 No. 8

Christoph Schulz (29 years, son of Michael Schulz, Skurz) / Eleonora Werner (18 years, oldest daughter of Jacob Werner, Grabau) - August 26, 1821

Ludwig Ferdinand Schulz (JabIowke, 24 years, youngest son of H. Wilhelm Schulz, Graudenz) / Eleonore Heyer (Jablowke, 21 years, widow of Johann Schwabe) - Dezember 26, 1812 N0. 15



Wilhelm Ludwig Schulz (Parents: Friedrich Schulz/Dorothea Jäger) - June 10, 1812 N0. 15

……….Schulz (Parents: George Friedrich Schulz / Dorothea Jäger) - March 17, 1815 No. 4




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