My name is Klaus-Dieter Schulz and I am born in Duisburg, Germany. Today I live in Issum, a small village well known through its Diebels brewery producing an outstanding alt and pils beer.

My parents came from the former eastern parts of Germany. My mother (née Wohler) came from Steinforth (near Groß-Peterkau), county of Schlochau. My father came from Karthaus in Westprussia.

Many important books which I need for my family and home town research are only available in libraries far away. This is why I started reproducing books to have them available here whenever I need them.

Several times I drove to Pommern to investigate for family origins, home town information and old documents. During these investigations I found a lot of documents being important for my research.

The Internet makes it possible to exchange data and discuss different issues with a lot of other people who are interested in family and home town research. Therefore I can offer some books, reproduced books and documentations of the county of Bütow, Schlochau, Lauenburg Stolp and Rummelsburg.

You can meet me at different events like the home town meetings of the people from Bütow in Frankenberg/Eder, meetings of people from Schlochau in Gandersheim, meetings of former villages especially in Groß-Peterkau and Steinforth in the northern part of the county of Schlochau. I am also a member of the home town club of Schlochau, Rummelsburg and Stolp, further in the Club of “Greif” (Verein für pommersche Familien- und Ortsgeschichte – Club for family and village history) in a position of a contact person for the county of Schlochau.

My contact to the people of Bütow and Stolp is very intensive. Furthermore I know a lot of other home town researchers and genealogists and I have a good relationsship to the "Martin Opitz Bibliothek" in Herne. Finally I was elected to the home town committee of the county of Schlochau, gossip county of Northeim to coordinate home town tasks and family research.

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